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KNN Support is an acknowledged supplier of on-site management, expediting, quality and consultancy services to the wind industry.

Our field of expertise:

Supervision and expediting

Supply chain and quality management

Logistics and transportation

Technical assessments and evaluation

Who we are

The company was founded in 2008, based on 20+ years of experience in the wind sector. We know the industry from the inside and know that fast, flexible, responsive and cost efficient support are vital components of any operator’s success.

Whereever you are

We operate globally with direct and excellent access to any site worldwide. Our highly experienced professionals can take lead in any simple or complex project.

A world-class network

KNN Support is working through a number of experienced network partners and is based on solid technical, managerial and practical expertise – gained through documented hands-on experience from the wind, oil and gas industries.

What we do

Our expertise covers these fields:

Supervision and expediting on all organisational levels

  • Task force management of critical processes, projects and retrofits
  • On-site supervision, expediting and technology transfers

Supply chain and quality management

  • Supplier and site quality management and status reporting
  • Manufacturing surveillance and reporting

Logistics and transportation

  • Transport and handling specialists
  • Shipping surveys and heavy lifting supervision

Technical assessments and evaluation

  • Expediting and quality survey for manufacturing of drive line components as gearboxes, bearings and generators
  • Wind farm and/or single wind turbines
  • Warranty management
  • Claims and retrofit execution management

Our projects

Our projects

We have decades of experience in helping wind energy companies succeed. Among the numerous tasks we have completed, are:
  • People management and administration
  • Onshore and offshore site management of wind turbine installation and pre-assembly sites
  • Retrofit programmes for gearboxes, hydraulics, bedframes, blades and towers
  • Supervision of manufacturing facilities for towers
  • Tower, nacelle and blade production expediting
  • Main bearing, gearbox and yaw bearing manufacturing supervision and expediting
  • Sourcing, manufacturing and just-in-time supply of tower internals and kit sets
  • Restructuring and supervision of manufacturing and assembly lines for WTG main components
  • Ad hoc expediting and supervision tasks
  • Supplier quality inspection and management of surface treatment, FROSIO

Our customers

We work for OEMs and main component manufacturers of:

  • Castings, forgings and machine processes
  • Welded components such as wind towers, internals and structural parts
  • Blades
  • Raw materials and sub-processes, steel plates, aluminum profiles etc.
  • Surface treatment applicators and processes, FROSIO certified
  • Plus specialists in transportation, logistics and heavy lifting

Our customer list includes

  • Welcon A/S
  • A2sea
  • Siemens/Gamesa Renewable Energy
  • Nicolaisen & Larsen A/S
  • K2 Management
  • Nordex Acciona Windpower
  • Nissens
  • Muehlan Denmark

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